Dracula’s Advice

Here you are! I was sure I will find you here. Curious about our services, right? Well, here they are:

  • NEVER TAKE A TAXI ALONE IF YOU ARE DRUNK – you might end up at my castle and from there there’s no escape. You want to get at your destination so make sure you have someone with you. I might enjoy you both anyway.
  • SIT IN THE BACKSEAT – I want you to feel like me like a Count. Do not sit on the passenger’s seat. The less accessible you are the less likely you will be targeted. You never know when I will be around and hungry.
  • KEEP YOUR PURSE OR BACKPACK CLOSE – I don’t want your things even though I could sell them and get some blood money. I don’t want your things but you do.
  • TAKE A MOTION SICKNESS PILL – If you get car seek easily. Even though my drivers are experienced they cannot help you with that unfortunately.
  • MAKE SURE YOU USE THE SEAT BELT – Is my responsibility to make sure you get to your destination safely and personally I don’t like dead people’s blood. It tastes funny and it upsets my stomach.

 I think you saw enough. What do you think? Let me know where to send my driver to he already cleaned and polished his car.