About Us

Hello There, Human!! And Welcome to my Castle

Here is our office and the place where all my cabs are parked. Every time you call for a cab I make sure it gets to you in the shortest time possible because all my drivers know I’m not someone to mess with.

Punctuality, safety and comfort are guaranteed by me and the insurance companies. All of my drivers are professional, they all are experienced drivers and their CRB`s are cleaner than my coffin and I’m very serious when it comes to my coffin.

No need for garlic this time but if it makes you feel better you can get some with you… just in case.

Why would Count Dracula get his own taxi company? Because I don’t like the public transportation, it makes me hungry seeing all those unprotected necks. Yummy.

Other reasons to choose my cab’s company? First of all because it would be an honor for you to travel with one of my cars and to know my drivers, the kind of people who know me personally and can relate the stories you heard about me. Second of all because otherwise I will find out who you are, where you live and pay you a visit at midnight to make sure next time you will call me for a cab because I will get into your phone contacts, delete all the other taxi companies phone numbers and memorize mine. Just mine!!! And the last of all because I need to buy myself some blood since nowadays is hard to get food. Too many smartphones. I cannot be seen that often in public places. It will ruin my image and reputation.
You got all the reasons to call us so make sure you do that! You can also check the rest of my website and convince yourself I`m the guy to call… Or I might need to come personally and  make sure you do that.

With Blood,
Count Dracula.